New Year, New Priorities
Motherhood can get messy! Make this year be the difference between just making a wishlist and actually making a plan designed to help you reach your goals. No matter what your aspirations the act of execution is needed to meet and surpass them. I will help you determine why you seem to always fall short of your goals and hash out a plan with proven techniques. I know, as a mother you have a lot on your plate making it crucial to define a path to keep you on track when life happens and you fall off the wagon. During this group workshop we will: Define your priorities based on your lifestyle Define your goals Figure out why you are not meeting your goals Create a set-by-step roadmap to meeting your goals Dive deep into aligning perceived since of self with reality to attain goals Set realistic expectations Create an action plan This is a mommy only event but well behaved, quiet children are welcome to attend if you cannot find child care. Please bring something for productivity and scheduling whether it be a notebook, laptop, tablet, smartphone or pad/pen. Bring a light snack to keep your brain working and blood sugar going. Our goal is to leave knowing how we will meet our goals for the year and thrive in our lives.
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