SJAWP Super Saturday: September 28th for K-3rd Graders
BLURBS FOR GALORE: Our Super Saturdays use a "lab school" model, in which teachers and students participate in the presenter’s workshop lesson together in small groups, generally including the following: mini-lesson on writing craft, study of a mentor text, demonstration of innovative and engaging pedagogical strategies, large blocks of time for students and teachers to write, and sharing writing in small groups or whole group. While each workshop can stand alone, students and teachers can draw much more meaning from each seminar if they have other seminars to build on. Furthermore, registering for the entire series saves you money and time. Event Schedule 9:30-10:00am - Registration in front of Sweeney Hall Courtyard 10-10:30am - Writing Games Warm-up 10:30-12:30pm - Saturday Seminar lesson led by Teacher Consultant ************************************************************************** Hey, Wonder Writer! Come Workshop with Other Young Writers. Our writing workshop is a lively space where writers share ideas and learn strategies that they can use in all kinds of writing. Lots of writing happens here, as well as drawing and talking about ideas. We provide positive, creative conditions that invite your child to risk writing at their growing edge. This series is designed to teach the writing process and offer strategies that lift the level of student work. The teacher consultant team, Lorena Lopez and Laura Brown, will guide teachers and students, hoping that even if your child doesn’t already love to write, it may become their new favorite subject. “Writing may seem like magic, but it is for us to take our students behind the stage curtain and show them the pigeons being tucked up the magician’s sleeves.” —Donald Murray September 28, 2019: Why Workshop? Typical school writing involves worksheets and assigned formats and topics. Teachers who lead our workshops know that children want to write expressively, to write stories they’ve imagined or experienced that may be funny, scary, or sad. In workshop, also known as process writing, students learn to write the way real authors do. They can write about what matters most to themselves, share ideas with each other, and imitate the practices of good writers. Parents are invited to an informative and interactive free meeting, Parent University, that parallels what children are doing in writing workshop.
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