Tinker Tales Camp -- Coed 1st-3rd grade
Writing for Makers. Communicating ideas effectively is incredibly important for the innovators of tomorrow, but sometimes our kids’ creativity outpaces their ability to use a pencil. Amazing story ideas can get lost when kids get overwhelmed and never fully realize their vision. This camp blends aspects of book writing, film, theater, graphic novels, and Making to motivate young storytellers through the often daunting tasks of physical writing. ​ Renegades learn how to tell their story by doing hands-on work and peer discussions. Kids build small scale sets and characters, use iPads to record ideas and take pictures, and print out images of their creations to combine with their handwritten final story, creating a graphic novel style book they bind themselves. Hands-on work and discussion help the kids engage deeply in story development work. At the end of the week, they will have a well-developed, illustrated story of their own invention to share. ​Our Renegade Teachers will guide Renegades as they explore, experiment, create and complete camp projects on their own.
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