Classic STEM Camp -- Coed 1st-5th grade
Our stamp on classic tinkering. Back in the day before iPads, before the words "maker" and "tinkering" became a thing, kids engaged in all sorts of building, adventuring, and making projects that they didn't even know were chalk full of rich STEM skills practice. They just knew it was fun. These crafts have been getting creative juices flowing for decades, but now-a-days have been cast aside in favor of electronics. We're going to revisit time-tested camp ideas like engineering a kite out of paper straws, exploring the science of your own bubble mix and wands, the math and logic skills from weaving a God's eye or a friendship bracelet, or making and balancing wind chimes. Our projects will provide the tinkering, making and STEM enrichment the old fashioned way - through fun and hard work, kid motivated, deceptively educational. ​Our Renegade Teachers will guide Renegades as they explore, experiment, create and complete camp projects on their own. This camp has no screen time.
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