CORE CARE - NUTRITION is a hands-on workshop designed with postpartum women in mind. The program is not about calorie restrictions or strict meal plans but about creating a sustainable lifestyle. Even though weight loss is not the primary objective of nutrition, getting to an ideal body weight is usually the byproduct. This workshop considers food and water as the fuel keeping our body functioning and the medicine for healing. When you use it to your advantage it can keep your mood even, support healing, banish bloating, make your skin glow and relieve symptoms caused by your ever changing menstrual cycle. If you value or want to embrace eating organic whole foods, curious about how to make your menstrual cycle work to shed extra pounds, level out your moods naturally and find out what food can work for you instead of against you CORE CARE - NUTRITION if for you. Concepts covered: Personalized assessments Goal Setting and tracking Creating healthy habits Aligning your nutrition with your femininity Balancing your hormones and blood sugar Metabolism and weight loss Body composition Meal prep fundamentals Eating 101 We have a lot of information to cover in a short period of time so please arrive early. Come prepared to move. Dress comfortably, bring a pair of shorts, yoga mat and light snack. This is a mommy only event but well-behaved children are welcome to attend if you cannot find coverage. Please bring a notebook, water and a light snack.
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