Summer Writing Workshop (Week 1 Only)
Workshops are a creative community engaged in the process of writing. They offer students time, choice, creative exploration, and discussion. They are led by excellent teachers who listen, care, and are able to coach students to develop their writing. In two weeks, students write a lot! Students choose their writing projects, and enjoy time to sketch, draft, rewrite, and review work with peers and confer with teachers. Workshop challenges students to lift the level of their work with models and mentor texts. Teachers encourage students to use a variety of formats and show them strategies for writing for the real world. 2019 WRITING COURSE OFFERINGS: Writing Love School writing hasn't inspired you? Discover your identity as a writer and begin your lifetime journey of meaningful writing. Superheroes 101: Create Your Own Graphic Novel Heroes are everywhere-- lighting up the screen, filling up the page, even standing out in real life. In this workshop you will create an original story about the adventures of a courageous figure and transform it into a graphic novel you can share. You’ll be prepared to write your first draft by examining mentor texts, followed by brainstorming and discussing ideas. Then, you’ll revise and publish your graphic novel. Speak It, Write It, Share It Students will enhance their creative writing skills and enjoy public speaking techniques and oral storytelling as they write and share stories of importance to them. Something Creative This Way Comes Calling all writers who enjoy creating worlds of their own! In this workshop we will spend one week exploring the craft of writing science fiction and fantasy and the other on utopian and dystopian literature. We will study exciting mentor texts as we write our own short stories. Learn the tricks of the trade and keep your readers turning the page! Find your Niche! Engage in a variety of creative writing exercises to express yourself and the world around you! Use writing as a way to explore social justice issues, issues that are presented through podcasts and other avenues.
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